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Discover the healing power of touch.

At our clinic in Winnipeg, we believe in the profound power of massage therapy. This hands-on treatment can ease tension, reduce pain, and foster relaxation. Additionally, it can support overall wellness by boosting circulation, improving sleep quality, and reducing stress levels. Whether you're dealing with a specific health issue or looking for a way to unwind, massage therapy can provide a holistic, non-invasive solution. Let us help you experience its benefits today.

Therapeutic Massage (45, 60 , 90, 120 min)
Swedish Massage (45, 60, 90, 120 min)
Hot Stone Massage (90 min)
Prenatal Massage (60 min)
TMJ Massage (90 Min)
Silent Massage 45, 60, 90, 120 min)

Ms. Tanya Moscall


Serendipity Massage

330 St. Mary Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB
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Discover the Power of Touch

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Swedish Massage 

Offering relaxation to the mind, and body.  This helps with circulation and helps calm all tension within the body.