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Ms. Alex Moya

Alternative Medicine

Hi, my name is Alexandra Moya and you can call me Alex. I am part of the alternative medicine staff at Serendipity Massage. My specialties are alternative therapies from Access Consciouness ®. The tools and techniques, created by this American company, focus on your knowledge about yourself and the world around you.

I’ve been practicing Access Bars ® for two years and I’m testimony that they change your mind, body and life. In my home country, I’ve never heard about Access Bars ®. When I moved to Winnipeg, I started to see that lots of people were creating a great and happy life with this technique, and I wanted that! Thus, I pursued this certification and today, I choose to share this with you in this beautiful space.

My goal is being your energetic channel to achieve peaceful mind, relaxation, de-stressing, space to replenish your body, increased energy and creativity, and more. Also, I get my bars run by another certified practitioner to be a neutral and clean channel for you to enjoy an enriching experience for your body and mind in each session.

You can visit my Access Consciouness ® open profile at https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/public-profiles/alexandra-moya-maldonado/

Welcome aboard!

Ms. Tanya Moscall


Massage Therapy

Hi, my name is Tanya Moscall. I am the Owner and Registered Massage Therapist at Serendipity Massage. I received my education at Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy (relaxation therapy), and Robertson College Massage Therapy Program (therapeutic/relaxation therapy). I am apart of the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba (MTAM).

My journey into massage therapy came from actually starting as a physiotherapy assistant. I really wanted to do more for my clients. After seeing people regain mobility from injuries, I was intrigued. I enjoy working on the puzzles that people present in pain. I apply all my knowledge of the all body systems into every treatment. I get down to the root of the cause.

My goal is to optimize better health and wellness within every client I meet. I make sure all my clients are heard, and the concerns are addressed. In my treatments I perform an assessment and proceed with a treatment after.

I offer Therapeutic massage, Swedish massage, Myofascial release, Trigger point release, Hot Stone massage, Cupping, Graston Technique and TMJ Treatments. Stretching is very important, I really try to emphasis this with all my clients. I am specializing in Temporomandibular Joint. I am always growing my knowledge base.

How we got Started

Serendipity Massage started as a very small clinic.  We were originally running out of a small office.  In 2020, Serendipity Massage had moved to Downtown Winnipeg.  We would like to acknowledge and thank the privilege of operating on Treaty 1 territory, on the lands of Anishinaabeg, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, Dene peoples', and homeland of the Metis Nation.

We are a family operated business.  Serendipity Massage started after witnessing a decline in health of a family member.  Through constant ongoing therapy of rehabilitation and massage.  I had noticed that I wanted to help more people whom were going through the struggles that I had witnessed.  I was intrigued in health and wellness.  I then started on the journey of starting my own clinic, Serendipity Massage.

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