What is a muscle weakness?

But Referred to as decreased strength in the muscle. This happens when full effort doesn’t produce a normal muscle contraction or movement. It is some sometimes called: reduced muscle strength or muscular weakness.


Common causes?

Muscle weakness can have causes that aren’t from underlying disease. Examples include poor physical conditioning, intense exercise, recovery from strength training, or malnutrition.


How to fix weak muscles?

Aerobic activities such as walking, jogging, running, brisk swimming amongst others. Can boost your energy and endurance levels, the only way to strengthen your muscle is through strength training or resistance exercises in other words, weight lifting.


What is tight muscle or  muscle stiffness?

Muscle stiffness refers to a tight feeling in the muscles, which can be accompanied by pain and difficulty moving. Muscle stiffness often arises after changing exercise routines, dehydration, overusing muscles or being physically inactive for long period of time.


How to fix tight muscle?

1.    Stretching

2.    Massage

3.    Heat therapy

4.    Exercise

5.    Hydration

6.    Improved flexibility and so forth.


What is a sore muscle?

Sore muscle refers to aching and tenderness of the muscles, muscle soreness occurs because muscles and the connective tissues around them get damaged during exercise. Although it can be painful but it is believed that is not something to be worried about because is completely normal, in fact, it is needed for muscle growth since muscles is built back stronger during this repair process.

Muscles soreness can have causes that aren’t related to underlying disease. Examples include exercise, disuse(prolong sitting or lying down)and doing a new physical activity for the first time or medication side effect.


How to fix muscle soreness?

1.    Gentle stretching

2.    Muscle massage

3.    Rest

4.    Ice to help reduce inflammation

5.    Heat to help increase blood flow to the muscle

6.    Over the counter pain medicines such as NSAIDs

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