Hard Days we have all experienced these sometime or another.  What brings on a bad day?  Could it be a health concern, not enough rest, tasks are overwhelming, stress, sadness, feeling exhausted.  Things just happen consecutively and we are just handling as best we can.  We try to turn things around and nothing feels good.  

Sometimes we just need a break from the everyday.  The best way to combat these days is to love yourself as best you can.  Breathe, take a walk, be around friends, or be by yourself do what makes you happy.  Love yourself today.

Self care is most important on these days.  Book a Massage. The benefits of the massage: reduces tension in the muscles, enhances circulation, relieves stress, speeds healing of soft tissue injuries, improves mental alertness, boosts immune function, stimulates movement of lymphatic flulid, improves joint mobility, improves sleep quality, and eases muscle pain.

Other ways to combat these days are: stay hydrated and drink water, take a nap, aromatherapy in the shower or bath, yoga or meditation, watch a movie, get outside, spend time with a family pet, read motivational quotes, and create a gratitude list.

These days will pass, please be kind to yourself today!!

Tanya Moscall

Tanya Moscall

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